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i love you

i want you with me,near me,in me...

6 July
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i was born, now im an adult, soon i will get married and have children. then i will get a divorce, my kids will grow old, and they will get married and have kids, then i will die. wow. so much to look forward to. what a life. i cant beleive anyone would want to do it twice
i am 5'10" and i weigh 135lbs. i have multi colored hair. hazel eyes, i have 32c size breasts for the sexually oriented out there and i like music. any kind as long as it is not country. cant stand country. my friend told me i look like camron diaz. i see no resemblance. i think i look like myself. but i like myself and thats all that matters.so there.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!! and FUCK OFF!!!!!!

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